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The game Star Trek Bridge Commander has been released by Activision in 2002 as an operational spacecraft simulator based on the Star Trek universe. This simulator contains several missions planned, including the famous mission of Starfleet Academy training called  Kobayashi Maru. But this game contains a module of space battles against various ships of the Star Trek universe. This module can be played against the computer, but also in multiplayer mode where players from around the world meet for an unforgettable battles.



At this point it is inserted the Venture Squadron of Bridge Commander, created on Stardate 20081028, under the initial command of the Cessna Skytower. Since then, the USS Venture Group maintains this Squadron in the Online Universe of Brazilian gamers. Members of the Squadron gather to train and compete at championships in the individual categories or squad modality. Below is a little more about Venture Fleet  and its history of competition in the Online Universe game.




The Venture Squadron consists of five members, of which the Commander Officer is chosen by the Command Division of USS Venture Group. Its main mission is to represent the USS Venture Group at online events of the Brazilian Bridge Commander Universe, in addition to providing individual growth of each member of the Squadron in starships commands and operations from the Star Trek universe.


The formation of the Venture Squadron is not fixed and has been modified over the years, depending on availability and willingness of group members to participate in this activity, which is not directly related to Second Life, but use the facilities of this meta-universe for meetings and education classes, taught in the Venture Station DS6 becoming the headquarters for Fleet Venture.




Currently the members of the Venture Squadron and their ships are:


- Uriel Aeon - USS Aeon ou USS Gaga - Comandante

- MDaniel Landman - USS Venture

- Hallan Baar - USS Hallan 

- Milton Zapatero - USS Darwin

- Sanival Writer - USS Sovei


More worth noticing other crew members of our group who went through the Venture Squadron since its inception and helped to consolidate our current position:


- Cessna Skytower   on stardate 20081028 to 20090122;

- Kirk Landar             on stardate 20090122 to 20090501;

- Shran Zeid              on stardate 20090501 to 20100720;

- Borak Kirax            on temporary Squadron Reserve.





The Venture Squadron participated in some Championships promoted by other Brazilian Star Trek groups and has already promoted a Internal tournament of USS Venture Group. Below is a simplified account of all the shares of Venture Squadron and its members in various tournaments and championships:


20090423 - 1st James Tiberius Kirk Cup TIR - Tournament sponsored by the Group TrekinRio - TIR in 2009 with the presence of members of Squadron in an individual participating:


3rd Place - Shran Zeid with the USS Andor

6th Place - MDaniel Landman with the USS Venture

9th Place - Borak Kirax with the USS Blessed


20091013 - 3rd Championship Bridge Commander 2009 - Bridge Commander  Championship organized by FEDF - Starfleet of Federal District in its third edition, with the championship at the national level more important. This championship with two categories: individual and Squad:


Squad Category:

2nd Place - Venture Squadron


Individual Category:

3rd Place - MDaniel Landman with the USS Venture

4th Place - Shran Zeid with the USS Andor


 IImages published by the organization of the Championship - FEDF -


20100322 - 2nd James Tiberius Kirk Cup IRR - Second Tournament sponsored by the Group TrekinRio - TIR with the presence of members of the Squadron participating individually, but the tournament was canceled by the Organization after the completion of some games.


20100718 - First Tournament Venture Star Trek Bridge Commander - Internal Tournament organized by USS Venture Group for training members of the Squadron and inclusion of new members. In this tournament 24 matches were held with 10 participants registered and three new members of the Squadron were selected:


 1° - USS Aeon..................Champion

 2° - USS Venture.............Vice-Champion

 3° - USS Darwin...............Third Place

 4° - USS Hallan.................Fourth Place

 5° - USS Sovei...................5 Pontos

 6° - USS Zabelin................4 Pontos

 7° - USS Hamaski.............4 Pontos

 8° - USS B7........................0 Pontos

 9° - RSS Aen V'saeihr.......0 Pontos

 10° - USS Marcelo.............0 Pontos


 Images published in the Forum Group USS Venture -


20101002 - 4th Brazilian Championship Bridge Commander 2010 - New edition of the Brazilian Championship organized by Bridge Commander FEDF - Starfleet Federal District, just this year with battles in the individual category:


1st Place - Uriel Aeon with the USS Aeon - Brazilian champion of 2010

4th Place - MDaniel Landman with the USS Venture


 IImages published by the organization of the Championship - FEDF -


20111026 - 5 ° Championship Bridge Commander 2011 - 2011 Edition of the Brazilian Championship organized by Bridge Commander FEDF - Starfleet Federal District, with only matches in the individual category:


3rd Place - with the USS Aeon Uriel Gaga


 IImages published by the organization of the Championship - FEDF -



Training of the Venture Squad filmed and inserted in our official Youtube channel:







There are some packages updates for the game Star Trek Bridge Commander, created by fans, where the best package is called Kobayashi Maru and is available in several versions. The more downloads are version 0.9 / 1.0 and version 0.91.


These versions allow you to play with a very large range of Federation starships and aliens that are not available in the original game and plus several new Regions and Planetary Systems. This update allows multiplayer gameplay mode in the largest rooms online.


You can download the KOBAYASHI MARU directly from the internet site below, read carefully the instructions for installing the updates:


More information about the game and the Venture Squadron, including tips, tricks, help and much more, can be obtained from the USS Venture Forum Group or Section games where we have different assessments of other games in the Star Trek franchise.










Article Writing, revised and translated by:
Alm. MDaniel - USS Venture NCC 71854 





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